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Market Analysis

Mitigating and adapting to climate change requires the mobilisation of substantial resources. Success will depend on the establishment of mechanisms and approaches that incentivise the commitment of resources to cost-effective and ambitious climate action at a number of levels. Markets play a critical role in this mobilisation.

There are a number of market mechanisms around the world such as emissions trading schemes, that are currently in operation or at an advanced stage of development. Furthermore, a growing number of compliance and voluntary emission trading schemes and market based mechanisms have evolved over the past few years that allow land based offsets to be traded. The trend is clear – market mechanisms that include forestry are increasing in volume, size and liquidity, and the range of instruments is diverse.

Indufor has established a reliable track record in conducting carbon market analyses for the forest sector. Indufor has many years of experience in designing and implementing small and large scale forestry projects, some with forest carbon components. This expertise places Indufor in an ideal position to give advice on carbon project financing, and to analyse the multiple mechanisms and systems that promote the transaction of forest carbon offsets.

Products and Services:

  • Emission Trading Schemes
  • Voluntary carbon market
  • New market mechanisms
  • Financial studies
  • Advice on project financing.