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Private Forestry Programme, Tanzania (2013-2017)
The Programme’s purpose is the development of sustainable and high-quality tree growing and strengthening of private plantation forestry –based... Read more
Coastal Adaptation Measures to Climate Change in Mauritius (2014-2017)
Site Assessment, Identification of Adaptation Options, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Preparation of Feasibility Study, Detailed Design, Preparation of... Read more
Scaling-Up Participatory Sustainable Forest Management Project, Lao PDR (2013-2018)
The Scaling-Up Participatory Sustainable Forest Management Project (SUPSFM) project will build on progress achieved by Lao Gov in implementing... Read more
Landscape Management Manual for Grenada Protected Area (2017)

National REDD+ Strategy and or Action Plan, Benefit Sharing and Fund Mobilization for REDD+ Program in Bhutan (2017-2018)

National Strategy for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation of REDD+ Forests in Guatemala (2017-2018)

Zimbabwe Climate Change Technical Assistance Program: Strategic Actions Supporting the Forest Sector (2016-2017)

Designing Bankable Projects for Forest and Land-Based Climate Change Mitigation within a Jurisdictional Green Growth Approach in Indonesia (2017-2018)

The Development of National REDD+ Strategy and Its Implementation Framework in Pakistan (2017)

Preparing for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement in Finland (2016)

Incentive Mechanism towards Deforestation-Free Commodities, Global (2016)

Assessment of Forest and Carbon Stock Changes, Identification of Major Driving Forces, and Potential Opportunities and Options for Two Prioritized State Forest Enterprises to become REDD+ and PES Service Providers, Vietnam (2016)

Support to the Implementation of REDD+ Readiness Activities, Forest Carbon Partnership Facility Project, Lao PDR (2016-2017)

Support Services for the Finnish Ministry of Environment for Preparations for the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties (COP21) to be held in Paris in December 2015

Second Program Evaluation of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF; 2015-2016)

Evaluation of the EU REDD Facility 2010-2015 (2015-2016)

Developing Benefit Sharing Arrangements for Uganda’s National REDD+ Strategy (2016)

Development of National REDD+ Strategy Options for Guyana (2014)

Preparation of Guyana’s REDD Readiness Package (2014)

Real-time Evaluation of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI) 2007-2013: Synthesis Evaluation (2013-2014)

Mapping - Area Calculations for pre-1990 (Kyoto) Forests, New Zealand (2014)

Sustainable Landscapes Partnership in Indonesia (2014–2015)

Private Financing for Sustainable Forest Management and Forest Products in Developing Countries – Opportunities and Constraints (2014)

Valuation of Carbon Assets in Peru, Ghana, Nigeria, Malawi, Zambia and Australia (2014)

End Review of Jane Goodall Institute REDD+ Pilot Project, Tanzania (2014)

Development of REDD+ Reference Emission Levels and MRV Systems with the Ghana Forestry Commission (2013-2014)

Forest Area Assessment and Change Monitoring in Guyana, Year 4 (2013-2014)

International Land and Forest Tenure Facility, Global (2013-2014)

Real-time Evaluation of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI): Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV; 2012-2013)

Real-time Evaluation of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative: REDD+ Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) in 2013 covering Tanzania, Mexico, Guyana, Indonesia, Democratic Republic of Congo and UN REDD, GEO FCT and Norwegian Space Center

Nordic Perspective on Forests and Climate, Finland (2013)

Aerial Assessment for Accuracy Assessment of Deforestation Mapping, Guyana (2013)

Establishment of Guyana’s MRV System (2013)

World Bank Independent Evaluation of the Climate Investment Funds (2013)

Independent Assessment of the Enabling Activities as a part for the Climate and Forest Partnership between Guyana an Norway, Guyana (2013)

REDD National Mapping Year 3 in Guyana (2012-2013)

Best Practices in Offsetting and Generating Carbon Credits, Global Study (2012)

Zanzibar Woody Biomass Survey, Tanzania (2012-2013)

Monitoring REDD Strategy Progress in Brazil (2012)

Designing the Forest Investment Program Strategy for Peru (2012)

REDD+ Demonstration Project Using the Verified Carbon Standard and Climate, Community and Biodiversity certification, Lao PDR (2012)

Evaluation of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative’s Civil Society Support Fund – Phase II (2012)

New Zealand Deforestation Mapping Program, New Zealand (2011-2012)

Linking Forest Communities in South East Asia to the Voluntary Carbon Market: National Consultation in Lao PDR (2011)

Country-level Evaluation of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative covering Brazil, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guyana and Indonesia (NICFI, 2010)

Business Opportunities based on Bioenergy and Climate Change, Finland (2009-2010)

South-South REDD Cooperation: Brazil and Mozambique (2009)

European Forest Organisation and the Climate Change - an Analysis on the Business Opportunities (2009-2010)

Climate Change Business Opportunities including Bioenergy, Finland (2009)