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Safeguards are important for sustainable development, because they ensure the minimum consideration, safety nets, management and/or assurances that social and environmental values require alongside financial profitability. Safeguards are adapted from legally binding and applicable national and international legislation related to rights, governance, justice and environmental integrity.

Safeguards can be institutional, project or program based, legislation or procedures that protect against social or environmental harm that could result as part of an investment or development intervention, such as REDD+. By applying safeguards the institutions, donors, investors and other stakeholders can identify, evaluate, minimise and mitigate adverse impacts of an investment or project intervention, such as REDD+.

Indufor has experience in designing, managing and evaluating all phases of REDD+ projects and programmes that require specific consideration of social and environmental values. Indufor’s long term presence in the field, working with governments and institutions, has led to an established track record of working with indigenous peoples, multi-ethnic communities and local forest dependent peoples, who are often the focus of forestry related safeguards. Indufor has also carried out Free, Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) and consultations for forest carbon projects and participatory forest management programmes under various institutions such as the World Bank, and is familiar with international best practice for meeting REDD+ safeguards.

Products and Services:

  • Safeguard assessments and frameworks (SESA, SIA, EIA, ESMF)
  • Safeguard development
  • Stakeholder consultations and participation (gender, indigenous people, marginalised)
  • Conflict resolution and grievance mechanisms
  • Social and environmental risk management.