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Evaluation Services

Indufor has a strong track record in evaluating projects, programs and policies in the fields of development cooperation, forestry and climate change. Our clients in evaluation assignments include governments, the EU, and bilateral and multilateral development agencies, as well as private organizations. The evaluation services include project (performance) reviews, final and ex-post evaluations, monitoring, and impact assessments.

In our work, we follow the best international practices such as the OECD DAC Quality Standards for Development Evaluation. Indufor's long-term experience in evaluations allows us to provide high quality evaluation design, implementation and reporting. We also provide guidance to our clients on how to learn from and use the evaluation results effectively.

Indufor has solid in-house evaluation expertise and access to a wide network of experienced evaluation consultants. In addition, Indufor has extensive experience of project and programme monitoring as well as project cycle management of multi-year development cooperation initiatives around the world.