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Project Evaluations and Reviews

Indufor conducts project and programme evaluations as well as mid-term reviews for government agencies, bilateral, EU and multilateral donor agencies and private organizations covering also regional and global interventions.

Indufor has over 20 years of experience in implementing mid-term reviews of both national and multi-country projects and programs in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The Clients range from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland to the World Bank, FAO, and the European Commission.

In 2015, Indufor carried out the Final Evaluation of the Regional Biodiversity Programme for the Amazon Region of the Andean Community (BioCAN, 2010- 2013). The evaluation aimed at assessing the relevance of the programme in the regional Andean-Amazon context, paying attention to the coherence and complementarity of the programme with national and regional policies and other similar interventions. The evaluation encompassed the four Andean Community Member States; Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.