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Industry Benchmarking

Assessing your company’s or industry segment’s performance relative to other companies or industries in other countries can be difficult. Some information can be drawn from annual reports of public companies, but their figures are commonly too general to make true comparisons of specific segments within the forest industry.

Indufor has developed a two-pronged approach to benchmarking: IISPA and ISPBS

Indufor Industry Segment Productivity Assessments (IISPA)

The IISPA compares the performance of given industry segments from one country to another over time. It looks at how the various components of productivity have changed between countries from one year to the next.

The purpose of these studies is to provide a macro-level tool that helps industry associations, governmental and other organisations to understand why the relative competitiveness of an industry segment has either improved or deteriorated in comparison to the same segment in other countries. The methodology applied in these studies meets the most stringent criteria of economics and has been tested in practice for several decades.

Indufor Single Plant Benchmarking Studies (ISPBS)

The approach in the single plant benchmarking studies is from the perspective of the operational management of a plant within a narrowly specified industry segment.

The goal of these studies is to provide the plant managers, middle management and other key staff, practical “apples to apples” comparisons on their plant's performance relative to other companies’ plants in the same segment. These studies cover issues related to manufacturing costs, productivity, sales and product mix, raw material use and recovery, etc. Indufor's experts understand that each plant is different and know which adjustments have to be made to bring all plants in a given industry to a comparable basis.

The difference between Indufor studies and many other benchmarking studies available is that our work relies on actual, verified information provided by the plants, rather than estimates based on publicly available data.



Marcel Vroege

Head of Forest Industry & Bio Solutions, Asia Pacific
Development of Productivity, Price and Unit Costs in Forest Industries in Finland and Competing Countries (1980-2014)
Development of Productivity, Price and Unit Costs in Forest Industries in Sweden and Competing Countries (2011-2013)
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