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Forest Asset Valuation & Investment

Forest Asset Valuation & Investment

The Forest Asset Valuation and Investment practice area includes forest asset valuation, due diligence, forest investment advice, and value creation through improved supply chain management. During the past decade staff at Indufor have carried out over 500 assignments in more than 100 countries.

Our clients include private and public forest companies, forest investors, financial institutions, international development banks, international organizations, government institutions and other agencies serving forests and forest industries. In recent years focus has broadened to other biological assets such as rubberwood and energy crops.

Forests are characteristically long-lived assets. Forming a view of the future is necessary. Timberland appraisals and investment analyses address this requirement, preparing detailed predictions of future wood flows and cash flows. The process typically begins with an assessment of the existing tree crops and then estimating their future performance. The inherent variability of the biological entities defies precise assessment or prediction. Indufor is adept in applying statistically efficient techniques that address that variation.



Bill Liley

Managing Director of Indufor Asia Pacific