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Due Diligence & Asset Valuations

Due diligence and valuation assignments form a core part of Indufor's consulting expertise.

Forest valuations may be required for a number of purposes: financial statement asset reporting, merger and acquisition activities, collateral values, insurance, or taxation apportionment. Indufor has significant experience in preparing forest valuations covering all these areas.

Indufor conducts asset valuations according to recognised international standards, using recommended approaches. The valuation team at Indufor is also experienced in research and development associated with forest valuation. We routinely employ sophisticated forest estate modelling techniques in our valuations.

Indufor consultants have a history of engagements where they have assisted buyer and vendor due diligence. This has provided direct evidence of the motivations and perspectives that prevail in the market. We are also practiced in satisfying bankers and institutional investors as to the validity of our appraisal techniques and results. In completing due diligence assignments, Indufor applies a rigorous verification process.

Products and services:

  • Forest asset valuations and appraisals
  • Technical and financial due diligence
  • Environmental and social due diligence.

Bill Liley

Managing Director of Indufor Asia Pacific


New Zealand