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In 2016 alone Indufor Asia Pacific valued over 1.3 million ha of pine, 150 000 ha of eucalyptus, and over 330 000 ha of other hardwoods, including teak, mahogany and acacia. Over the last ten years Indufor Asia Pacific staff have been responsible for valuations or due diligence appraisals of over 10 million ha of both natural forests and plantations.

We have expertise in tropical and temperate species, and a wide diversity of terrain and climatic conditions.


Development of Long-term Financial Model for a Plantation Company in Kenya (2016)

Valuation of Forest Assets (Eucalyptus) Tasmania, Australia (2015)

Valuation of Plantation Assets (Radiata Pine) New Zealand (2015)

Valuation of Plantation Assets (pine) CNI, New Zealand (2015)

Valuation of Plantation Assets (PIne) Queensland, Australia (2015)

Valuation of Forest Assets - China (2015)

Valuation of Forest Concessions (Mixed Hardwoods) Peru (2015 and 2016)

Commercial Plantation Forestry Industry Investment Plan Studies in Ethiopia and Sierra Leone (2016)

Analysis of the Cost-Benefit of Conversion Timber in Cambodia (2016)

Validation of Financial Model of an International Forest Investment Company in Eastern Africa (2015)

Valuation of Eucalyptus Plantations in Northern Brazil (2014)

Valuation of Eucalyptus Plantations, Colombia (2014)

China Market Due Diligence, China (2014)

Valuation of African Mahogany Forest Assets, Northern Territory, Australia (2014)

Review of Valuation Methodology, Australia (2014)

Due Diligence of Forest Plantation Asset, New Zealand (2014)

Valuation of Central North Island, & Bay of Plenty Forest Assets, New Zealand 2014

Valuation of Western Australian Pine Forest Assets, Australia (2014)

Valuation of Queensland Softwood (pine) Plantations, Australia (2014)

Fire Loss Assessment & Valuation, Australia (2014)

Forest Insurance Calculations, New Zealand (2014)

Discount Rate Analysis, Australian Client (2014)

Valuation of Rubber Plantation, Cambodia (2014)

Due Diligence of Forest Assets, Australia (2014)

Valuation of CNI Forest Plantations, Pine, New Zealand (2014)

Valuation of Softwood Forest Assets (pine) Argentina (2014)

Valuation of Mixed Forest Plantations (pine & eucalypt) Northern Uruguay (2014)

Valuation of Teak Forest Estate, Nicaragua (2014)

Valuation of Central North Island Pine Forests, New Zealand (2014)

Valuation of Carbon Assets in Peru, Ghana, Nigeria, Malawi, Zambia and Australia (2014)

Forest Area Assessment and Change Monitoring in Guyana, Year 4 (2013-2014)

Valuation of Northland Forest Assets, Pinus radiata, New Zealand (2013-14)

Business Climate for Forest Investment, Global (2013)

Mapping Due Diligence in China (2013)

Valuation of Forest Concessions and Processing Assets, Suriname (2013)

Forest Management Performance Assessment, New Zealand (2013)

Due Diligence of Forest Assets, North Island New Zealand (2013)

Valuation of South Australian Pine Forest Assets, Australia (2013)

Due Diligence on Forest Assets, Tasmania, Australia (2013)

Valuation of Teak Forest Assets, Costa Rica (2013)

Due Diligence of Forest Resource, Colombia (2013)

Valuation of Eucalyptus Plantations, Brazil (2013)

Valuation of Pine Plantations, Colombia (2013)

Valuation of Eucalyptus Plantations, China (2013)

Valuation of Forest Assets, Processing Facilities and a Biomass Power Plant, Suriname (2013)

Forest Data Management in Latvia (2013)

Forest Asset Verification in Latvia (2013)

Forest Data Verification in Latvia (2013)

Forest Asset Appraisal, Pine, South Australia (2011, 2012, 2013)

Teak Plantation Valuation Appraisal, Brazil (2011, 2012, 2013)

Valuation of Pinus radiata Forest Estate, Chile (2011, 2012, 2013)

Forest Asset Valuation - 130 000 ha Pinus radiata plantations, New Zealand (2011-2013)

Forest Damage Assessment, New Zealand (2012)

Due Diligence of Pine and Eucalyptus Plantations and Processing Facilities in Uganda (2011)

Valuation of Suriname Assets, Suriname (2011)

Valuation of Pinus taeda Forest Estate, Brazil (2011)

Valuation of Forestry Assets in Swaziland (2011)

Valuation of Eucalyptus nitens Plantation, Chile (2011)

Teak Resource Appraisal, Guatemala (2011)

Assessment of Plantation Development Status in Mozambique and Tanzania (2011)

Pine Plantation Appraisal, Chile (2011)

Net Asset Valuation of Forest Plantation and Sawmill in Colombia (2010-2011)

Valuation of a Forest Asset in Mozambique (2010)

Valuation of Plantation Assets in Northern Mozambique (2010)

Valuation of Plantation Assets in Guangdong, China (2010)

Appraisal of Forestry and Manufacturing Assets in Russia (2009-2010)

Valuation of Forestry Assets and Sawmill in Swaziland (2009)

Valuation of Forestry Assets in Northern Argentina (2009)

Partner Search for Reforestation Project in Brazil (2009)

Valuation of Forestry Assets and Processing Facilities in Sabah, Malaysia (2009)

Valuation of Industrial Pulpwood Plantation in Southern China (2009)

Valuation of Industrial Plantations in Indonesia (2009)

Verification of Forest Assets in Latvia (2009)

Comparison Analysis of Forestry and Land Use Policies and Legislation in Indonesia and Malaysia in View of Bioenergy Plantations, Malaysia & Indonesia (2009)

Forest Asset Valuation in Kalimantan, Indonesia (2009)

Forest Asset Valuation Update in Romania (2009)

Investor Search for Teak Investments in South East Asia and Oceania (2008-2009)

Forestry Due Diligence in Brazil, Argentina and the United States (2008)

Benchmark Valuation of Industrial Forest Plantations in Guangxi, China (2008-2009)

Identification of Possibilities for Timberland Investments Covering all the World’s Important Forest Regions (2008)

Valuation of Significant Industrial Plantations in Indonesia (2008)

Field Assessment of Potential Plantation Sites in Uruguay (2008)

Assessment of Forest Resources and Associated Infrastructure in Vologda, Russia (2008)

Assessment of a Significant Forest Area and Feasibility Study of Wood Processing in Khabarovsk, Russia (2008)

Identification of Best Practices for Stakeholder Communication in Brazilian Forest Investments (2008)

Progress Report of Forest Venture in Khabarovsk, Russia (2008)

Forest Asset Valuation in Romania (2008)

Plantation Due Diligence in Chile (2008)

Assessment of Fir Plantation Assets in Guizhou, China (2008)

Improving Forest Investment Climate in Ecuador; Focus on Plantation-based Forest Value Chains (2007-2008)

Screening of Potential Plantation Areas and Pulp Mill Sites in East Africa (2007-2008)

Forest Asset Valuation in Estonia (2007-2008)

Screening of Potential Locations for a Plantation-based Market Chemical Pulp Mill in Mozambique (2007)

Assessment of Non-Governmental Organisations in South Brazil and Uruguay (2007)