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REDD+ Measurement, Reporting and Verification Systems (MRVS)

Effective monitoring of forest loss and their associated carbon stocks is a critical part of understanding and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

One of the most frequently discussed REDD+ topics is Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of forest carbon stocks. The question is, how can the area (activity data) and associated forest carbon stocks (emission factors), including changes over time, be reliably accounted for? This is a core challenge REDD+ subnational and national programs face as this accounting is required to qualify for performance-based payments and to allow UNFCCC national-level reporting .

Indufor is a global leader in this field and is involved in the design and development of several national-level MRV programmes. This work has involved applied research into satellite-based methods for monitoring deforestation and degradation, and accuracy assessment.

In addition to this work, Indufor is involved in the development and monitoring of Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) projects. VCS has created a platform which recognises REDD+ activities, supported by a series of guide books and tools. Indufor has undertaken a number of projects and recognizes the opportunities as well as the challenges associated with the implementation of VCS based projects.

Indufor’s experts participate actively in international discussions, literature and reviews of good practice guidelines and national MRV systems.

National Deforestation and Degradation Mapping — Guyana.

Verification of change using airborne imagery  — Guyana.


National Mapping and verification of Forest Change using satellite imagery

National Mapping deforestation and degradation using high resolution satellite imagery

VCS Land Cover Mapping & Future Land Cover Change Modelling