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Forest Resource Assessment and Mapping

Advances in remote sensing enable cost-effective assessment of contiguous and scattered forest resources with high resolution. Indufor has developed routines and processes that make extensive use of satellite imagery and LiDAR.

Indufor’s Forest Resource Assessment and Mapping Team combines scientific rigour and operational experience to the fields of remote sensing, GIS, field measurement and programming. The team specialises in processing satellite and LiDAR data using proven methods developed and implemented over a number of years.

Indufor’s core team also includes experienced foresters, forest nutritional and environmental experts, and statisticians that provide the link between the remote sensing outputs, growth models, policy and industries operational planning requirements.

Our experts are able to facilitate the capture of data and process it to fit with existing planning systems with a focus on providing operational solutions that add value to your business.

Forest Resource Assessment and Mapping New Zealand

Detection of failed areas – New Zealand

Forest Resource Assessment and Mapping Australia

Detection of low stocking - Australia

Estimating forest volume using LiDAR

Land cover Mapping

Monitoring FSC Compliance