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Strategy & Sustainability

Strategy & Sustainability

Governments as well as private market participants need to continuously challenge their current position and monitor future opportunities in global forest sector development. Indufor has the capacity to add value for both public and private sector players when they are reshaping and defining their strategies, forest policies and governance issues at the international, national and local levels. Indufor has a broad understanding of the international and national policy contexts for forest sector development as well as an appreciation of the challenges faced by local forest dwellers, owners, managers, wood processors and conservationists. Indufor provides independent advice that helps governments, corporates and other actors to make the right decisions.

In addition, Indufor assists companies and public sector entities in adopting better practices on sustainable management of natural resources and in achieving responsible corporate citizenship. Indufor help clients benefit from good environmental and social performance through compliance with recognised standards for environmental and social responsibility.


Hanna Nikinmaa

Senior Consultant - Corporate Responsibility Management