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Legal & Institutional Reforms and Governance

Indufor offers the policy, technical and legal expertise required for planning and implementing legal reforms, and ensuring institutional reforms support policy and legal reforms. Public sector institutions need to be enabled to implement polices under the legal framework. The trend has been to make public sector institutions smaller and more efficient, and to separate the policy-making and regulatory (normative) roles from implementation and management. State forest management institutions are often commercialised at the same time, separating the roles of managing production forests and conservation forests. The latter are financed from budget funding while the former aim to be self-financing as far as possible.

Failures of forest law enforcement and lack of good governance make illegal logging and other forest crime common occurrences in various parts of the world. The causes and implications of the problems are not confined to individual countries; international trade in timber products “exports” the problem to regional and global arenas. Successful strategies to curb illegal activities may require measures targeting either the supply (source) or demand (markets and trade) or both. Indufor has been developing tools for both approaches.

Products and services:

  • Legislation reviews
  • Institutional assessment
  • Forest governance assessment
  • Support to FLEGT / VPA processes

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Hanna Nikinmaa

Senior Consultant - Corporate Responsibility Management