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Development of Forest Certification Scheme in Mozambique - under REDD+ (2017-2018)

Economic Analysis of the Elimination of Illegally Harvested Wood from Markets in Japan (2016-2017)

Impact Assessment of European Timber Regulation's (EUTR) Product Scope, Europe (2017)

Support A Forest Certification Organization in Considering Plantation Development and Forest Conversion in Standard Setting (2016)

Development of Country Pilots to Test the Natural Capital Program - Africa and Asia (2016)

Incentive Mechanism towards Deforestation-Free Commodities, Vietnam and Rwanda (2016-2017)

Commercial Plantation Forestry Industry Investment Plan Studies in Ethiopia and Sierra Leone (2016)

The Sustainable Landscapes Partnership in Indonesia (2016)

Support to Interlaken Group Guidance on Land Tenure for Companies (2015)

Review of Genetic Modification in Wood Products in Europe (2015)

Assessment of the Russian National Voluntary Forest Certification System (FCR) against the Requirements of the PEFC Council (2015)

Assessment of Applications for EC Accreditation of Monitoring Organisations under EU Timber Regulation (2015-2020)

Technical Assistance for the Development of Land Tenure Reform Pilot Projects, Global, (2014-2015)

Development of National REDD+ Strategy Options for Guyana (2014)

Due Diligence and Monitoring Services under the EIB China Forestation Framework Loan (2013-2015)

Corporate Responsibility in China and Europe (2014)

Lenders Due Diligence for a Forest Plantation and Processing Project in East Africa (2014)

Sustainable Landscapes Partnership in Indonesia (2014–2015)

A Feasibility Study on Tools to Measure the Investment and Business climate in the Forest Sector Focusing on Emerging Countries (2013-2014)

International Land and Forest Tenure Facility, Global (2013-2014)

Indonesia Pulp Mill Plantation Monitor (2011-2014)

Monitoring of Pulp Mill’s Plantations on behalf of the Lenders (Group of Commercial Banks) in Indonesia (2012-2014)

Strategic Study on Biomass Sourcing Opportunities in Latin America and Russia for a Major Energy Company (2013-14)

Assessment of China Forest Certification Scheme, China (2013)

Study for Services in Forest Certification, Finland (2013)

Nordic Perspective on Forests and Climate, Finland (2013)

Preparation of Environmental Services Project, Albania (2013)

Developing Alternative Wood Supply Models for a Major Industrial Operation in Europe (2013)

Strategic Study on Fibre Sourcing Opportunities in Asia and the Pacific for a Major Industrial Player (2013)

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Strategic Review on the Future of Forest Plantations – the Role of Certification, Global (2013)

Zanzibar Woody Biomass Survey, Tanzania (2012-2013)

Pilot Project Volga Model Forest in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia (2009-2011)

Forest Certification Project, Ukraine (2009-2011)

Investor Search for Teak Investments in South East Asia and Oceania (2008-2009)

Identification of Best Practices for Stakeholder Communication in Brazilian Forest Investments (2008)

Comparison of Environmental and Social Requirements of Palm Oil Certification, RSPO with International Standards and Initiatives, Global (2008)

Best Practices of Community Integration and Involvement for the Plantation Projects in Brazil and Uruguay (2007)

Re-Evaluation and Assessment of the Danish Forest Certification Scheme against the Requirements of the PEFC Council (2007)

Assessment of Non-Governmental Organisations in South Brazil and Uruguay (2007)

Re-evaluation and Assessment of the PEFC UK Forest Certification Scheme against the Requirements of the PEFC Council (2007)

Environmental and Social Audit of Veracel Pulp Mill and Plantations in Brazil (2005-2007)

Raising Qualification Skills for Protected Area Managers, Lithuania (2006-2007)

Elaboration of Manual for the Management of African Natural Tropical Forests (2006-2007)

Life Sciences and Biotechnology as Competitive Edge for the Finnish Forest Cluster, Finland (2004)